Minnesota Baseball Association Board

The mission of the Minnesota Baseball Association Board is to govern, inform, and promote amateur baseball in the state of Minnesota. By providing rules, materials, and information, the MBA Board hopes to increase awareness and participation throughout the state.

The board is made up of 9 elected members from across the state. The 3 officers and 6 members each serve a three year term, with election of one third of the members occurring every year. At the annual October board meeting, association members vote for new board members. There are 53 leagues each with league officers, 4 Class A Commissioners, 8 Class B Commissioners and 16 Class C Commissioners. These officers and commissioners make up the voting population.

Board member responsibilities include serving on specific committees, reinforcing administrative rules and regulations, conducting site inspections, upholding league integrity, rules review and more. In general, members are baseball enthusiasts who love the game and want to ensure fair play and a high-level of integrity in Minnesota amateur baseball.

Board meetings are held monthly (with the exception of February and December). If you have any suggestions, questions, or topics of interest for the board, please email them to one of the MBA officers (see Contact Us page).

Thank you for supporting Minnesota baseball!


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Calendar of Events - 2017


January          7          State Board meeting 1:00 PM Prairies Edge Casino, Granite Falls League Organization and Planning 

February         18        State Board meeting, 11:00 AM, Eastside VFW, St. Cloud                             

                        19        State Board meeting, 1:00 PM, Eastside VFW, St. Cloud 

March             15        Players must have residence established on or before this date 

April                1          Final date for registration of leagues and acknowledgement of Constitution 

April                14        MBA Board Workshop, 7:00 PM, Kelly Inn Husky Room, St. Cloud

April                15        State Board meeting, 10:00 AM, Eastside VFW, St. Cloud                       

May                 13        State Board meeting, 11:00 AM, Eastside VFW, St. Cloud 

June                  9        State Board will inspect parks at 2017 Tournament sites; Green Isle, Hamburg and Norwood   

                        10        State Board will inspect parks at the 2017 Tournament sites

                                    State Board meeting, 11:00 AM 

June                30        (League roster meetings) Final date to sign and release players                                     

July                 3          Final date for the rosters to be received by State Secretary 

July                 15        State Board meeting, 11:00 AM Eastside VFW, St. Cloud                                      

July                 8-23    Suggested dates to begin playoffs “B” and “C”

August             13        Suggest that Class B & C champions and runner-ups be determined 

August    18, 19, 20     State Tournament Class “B” and “C” Green Isle/Hamburg/Norwood

August    25, 26, 27     State Tournament Class “B” and “C” Green Isle/Hamburg/Norwood

September1, 2, 3, 4     State Tournament Class “B” and “C” Green Isle/Hamburg/Norwood 

September       16        Hall of Fame banquet and Old Timer’s reunion, Civic Center, St. Cloud

October           21        State Board meeting, 1:00 PM, East Side VFW, St. Cloud

                                    League Officers and Commissioners at 4:30 PM, Annual Meeting  will follow.

October           21        Region-Section Commissioners meeting at 3:00 PM, East Side VFW,  St. Cloud

October           21        State Board meeting will follow annual meeting, East Side VFW, St. Cloud

November       18        State Board meeting, 11:00 AM, Eastside VFW, St. Cloud