2017 Find Games

Teams searching for games during the 2017 season can submit your information to support@scoremonster.com. Please also notify us once your post is no longer needed.

Anoka Bucs are looking to add away games on the following days: July 5th, 12th and 24th. Please contact anokabucsbaseball@gmail.com to discuss. (POSTED 05/08/17)

Baseball 365 is looking for away games next Spring(2017). Please contact contact@baseball365online.com to discuss. (POSTED 01/03/17)

Bloomington Bandits are looking for someone to play on thursday 6/29 at Haddox fi field in Bloomington. Please contact georgewalker137@gmail.com to discuss. (POSTED 06/13/17)

Brooklyn Park Norsemen are looking to play in a mid-season tournament and also add a couple games. Please contact mike.bozyk@jbwireless.net to discuss. (POSTED 02/27/17)

Chaska Hitdawgs are looking for away games in June and July.  We can cover an ump and balls. Please contact jetterix@charter.net to discuss. (POSTED 03/29/17)

Frazee Flames are looking for games to fill a few open dates. (May 6-7, May 27-28, June 11, July 15-16, July 22-23) We are also looking for a tournament or two. Please contact brianheden@aol.com to discuss. (POSTED 04/20/17)

Frogtown Lake Monsters are looking to find some road games to play. We also have a few home dates available.Please contact knippenberg.mitch@gmail.com to discuss. (POSTED 02/23/17)

Luverne Redbirds are looking to be in a tournament the weekend of June 10/11th. Please contact brooksmaurer25@gmail.com to discuss. (POSTED 02/07/17)

Minneapolis Angels are looking to add one or two games during the week of July 24. Please contact smus53@yahoo.com to discuss. (POSTED 06/16/17)

New London – Spicer Twins are looking to host a game in Spicer Wednesday June 14th and Saturday July 1st. Please contact scott@rambow.com to discuss. (POSTED 04/12/17)

Nimrod Gnats are looking for a team for the 11th Annual Nimrod Invite, 3-7 inning games per team, Here are dates: June 23-25. Please contact funkaaron@hotmail.com to discuss. (POSTED 05/08/17)

Nowthen Knights are looking to add games for 2017. Here are dates: May 17, 19, 21, 24, 31 June 14, 19 - July 21,28, No lights so away games preferred unless weekend game we can host. Please contact nowthenbaseball2017@gmail.com to discuss. (POSTED 02/23/17)

Rochester Royals are looking for a team to come down to Rochester to play on the 4th of July at Mayo Field at 6 PM. Both teams and their families and fans typically watch the fireworks after the game on the field. Please contact drewblock2@gmail.com to discuss. (POSTED 12/29/16)

Rosetown A's is looking for a tournament the weekend of June 16th-18th or July 7th-9th. Please contact fleury4522@gmail.com to discuss. (POSTED 01/24/17)

Roseau Royals are looking for a team to play in Roseau June 18th. We are also looking for games July 8th or 9th and willing to travel. Please contact n_voll17@hotmail.com to discuss. (POSTED 05/19/17)

Spooner Cardinals is looking for a team to travel to Spooner, WI this Sat. the 6th for 1:00 game.  Hinckley is unable to field a team so we are looking for a replacement team.  We recognize that the late notice makes it difficult, but there may be teams that are in a similar situation. Please contact ssolveson@yahoo.com to discuss. (POSTED 05/05/17)

St Louis Park Town is Looking for teams to play in April and May as well as July 17th to Aug 9th (would like to get a couple games in August).Please contact matthew.zarracina@gmail.com to discuss. (POSTED 01/04/17)

St. Paul Mudhens are looking for an away game or two on any of the following open dates: May 22, 23 and June 27, 30 and July 01, 15 Please contact bryan.ldwg@gmail.com to discuss. (POSTED 05/02/17)

St. Peter Saints are looking to host a game Friday, July 21. Please contact siewert@gustavus.edu to discuss. (POSTED 03/31/17)

The Victoria Vic's are looking for teams to play a game on June 16,17,18 and also July 5. Please contact mrmpoppitz@gmail.com to discuss. (POSTED 02/07/17)

Waterville Indians are ready to schedule non leaguers.Please contact mjgrose@frontiernet.net to discuss. (POSTED 01/12/17)

Wells Wildcats are looking for a home/away game on May 26, 27, or 28 and a home game on Saturday July 1. Please contact toddras33@gmail.com to discuss. (POSTED 03/27/17)